Sleep Counselling

At Jump Start Centre we have our own Sleep Counsellor (in affiliation with Sleep Scotland), who helps parents and carers of children with sleeping problems.  Our therapist Kathy Sanderson is fully trained to give advice and guidance to help improve sleep patterns.  We can give specific tried and tested behavioural and cognitive techniques to adapt their child’s night-time behaviour, and explain the physiology and psychology of sleep.   We introduce various techniques, including looking at your child’s sleep history and sleep patterns.

We can also support children with a range of sleeping difficulties, including children with less complex sleep problems.

We will usually have a home visit and meet the child, and after that, sessions will take place at Jump Start Centre, without the child.  We do reserve the right to refuse treatment if we believe that it is not appropriate for the child or family.

Each session will run for one hour.

In the future, we hope to run Sleep Awareness courses, inviting parents and carers to come and learn about new techniques to help children with sleeping problems.

For more information, please contact Kathy directly at