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Welcome to Jump Start Therapy Centre

We are an integrated team of qualified independent Occupational Therapists and a Psychologist, providing specialist services to children and adults. Based in North Essex, families visit our purpose-designed therapy centre from throughout Essex, Suffolk, Greater London and overseas.   Our therapists also visit clients at home or at school.

Specialising in paediatric Occupational Therapy our dynamic team practice Sensory Integration therapy,  and have expanded to offer Sensory attachment intervention, feeding therapy and sleep counselling.  We  also work with young people and adults with learning disabilities.

Our therapists, led by Director Claire Pemrick, have a wealth of clinical experience and knowledge of child development. We offer thorough assessments, treatment programmes, unique sensory diets, as well as contracts and training for schools and other agencies.  We are able to produce outstanding reports to support EHCPs and tribunals.

At Jump Start Centre we use innovative therapy techniques and specialist equipment to help all children and adults with learning disabilities, ASD and other disabilities reach their goals and fulfil their potential.

For Organisations

We provide services and training for Education, LEA and NHS commissioners, and for legal purposes.

For Families

If you have concerns about your child, find out how we can help

For Adults

We provide assessment and treatment for adults and adolescents.

For Schools

We provide support to mainstream, special and independent schools.

Who do we help?

We can help children and adults who have difficulty with:

        • Fine motor skills, e.g. Scissor skills, pencil grasp.
        • Gross motor skills, e.g. ball skills, balance
        • Coordination and body-awareness
        • Planning and organisational skills
        • Sensory processing disorders
        • Concentration and attention
        • Visual motor integration and visual perception
        • Self-care skills, including dressing and eating
        • Sleeping patterns
        • Social and emotional skills
        • Attachment disorders
        • Self-esteem and confidence

Conditions we help with include; :

        • Dyspraxia and Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
        • Autism Spectrum Disorder / Asperger’s Syndrome
        • Physical disabilities e.g. cerebral palsy, Retts syndrome
        • Attention Deficit Disorder/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
        • Developmental Delay and learning disabilities
        • Neurological damage due to prematurity, or birth injury

About Us

We pride ourselves on being a team of highly experienced therapists and a psychologist, led by Claire Pemrick. With a range of diverse skills we will have the ideal therapist for you or your child. With a multi -disciplinary team we can ensure that we can holistically consider your needs.

Most of our Occupational Therapists are trained to Module 3 in Sensory Integration, and the team has two advanced SI practitioners.

We have close links with the Sensory Integration Network, Claire previously co-edited their monthly e-newsletter.

  • Referrals

    We accept referrals direct from parents, and from organisations such as schools, GPs, LEAs and NHS commissioners.

  • Home or school visit

  • Assessments

    We offer a range of comprehensive assessments for children.  We believe that a thorough and detailed assessment is key to helping children achieve their potential.  Where possible and appropriate we use standardised assessments that can provide clear evidence towards Education plans or court cases. Assessments take place at our centre, child’s home or at school.

  • Reports

    We provide excellent professional reports with clear recommendations, that can be used for schools, commissioners and legal services. Our reports have been noted on their usefulness, we believe that a report should be a ‘roadmap’ on how best to help an individual progress.

  • Treatment

    We provide specialist treatment with highly qualified therapists including Sensory Integration therapy. We believe that meaningful activities and play are the best way to engage children and motivate them. The therapists skilfully entwine therapeutic goals into fun. Children love coming to Jump Start!

What others say about us

I am pleased to have know Claire through her work and seen the progress that my son, Thomas has made under her guidance. Claire has worked with Thomas for a while and she has amazed us with her knowledge and understanding of children that struggle rather more than others! She gives hope when there is little, and has the ability to judge the level that is required to make the progress needed, without making the steps so great that they seem unachievable. Under her watchful eye Thomas has developed and progressed. What could be seen as hard work is made enjoyable and workable under Claire’s program. One of Claire’s main talents is the way that she listens and works with the information that we could give her working towards Thomas’s likes and working around his dislikes. She is adaptable and flexible and also appears to enjoy a challenge! I am very pleased to have had the benefit of Claire’s expertise and will continue to keep Thomas under her guidance for a while to come!

It is great to finally meet someone who actually takes me seriously with my son. Things that I had been worried about, you confirmed was correct and it was so nice to have someone so knowledgeable with everything, who could explain what was wrong, why, how it affected other problems and what we could do to help it.

You made us feel at ease straight away and you are so easy to talk to and there isn’t anything we can’t ask you (without looking silly or you laughing at me!).

I am really pleased you are continuing with your occupational therapy as there isn’t enough OTs like you around. I look forward to see you again soon with my little bundle of joy!!!!

Get in touch

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Phone: 07885 732489

3 Exchange Court, Feering, Essex, CO5 9FB