Our Training

Training for Parents

Parenting children with additional needs can be tough, and we provide training to parents, both individually and in group, face to face and online. 

We offer down to earth practical advice and support. This courses have been very popular and we would love to support you.



Training for Professionals

We are extremely fortunate at Jump Start to have therapists with a passion for sharing their knowledge for other professionals to benefit from. We believe that this has the most impact on the most number of families.

We are hugely privileged to host Eadaoin Bhreathnach’s Sensory Attachment Intervention, and Eadaoin has referred to Lexden Lodge as SAI home away from home.

Likewise with Claire and Matt being two of the founders of EcoSensory therapy we come with a wide range of training experience and knowledge.

Training for Schools

We regularly offer training to schools, for inset days or around the support needed for a specific child. Trainings we have offered in the past are; Making Sense of Sensory in schools, sensory attachment in schools, supporting young people’s emotional needs, understanding challenging behaviour. 

We have further built online courses for induction programs for special schools.


Sensory Attachment Intervention

Sensory Attachment Intervention is a specialist integrative approach developed by Eadaoin Bhreathnach to support the treatment of children and adults who have suffered early adverse life experiences, such as relational trauma, abuse or neglect. SAI recognises the need to target the need to first establish the regulation of arousal states, and then to facilitate modulation of the body senses through the just right combination of up regulating and down regulating experiences. This in turn enables higher level sensory, emotional and cognitive functioning.

EcoSensory therapy

EcoSensory Therapy is an innovative and pioneering nature-based therapy. This integrative treatment approach to support both the physical and mental health of participants by connecting with nature as a healing medium to regulate through the senses.

Training Calendar

Our Upcoming Training

26th-28th April 2023

Sensory Attachment Intervention Foundation Training


We are thrilled to be back hosting The Sensory Attachment Foundation training. This course will be online £600

Further Info

This three-day course will look at the theories that provide the framework for SAI. Emphasis will be in the impact of trauma on sensory processing and on the capacity for self and co-regulation. Participants will learn the neurosequential approach to intervention; that is, when it is most effective to use interventions such as narrative work, play therapy, and education.

They will learn the principles of up-regulation and down-regulation to enable physiological adaption for social engagement and academic learning.


September 2022

Growing Roots:

EcoSensory Practitioner training.


Join EcoSensory’s ‘Growing Roots’ Online Practitioner training. The course is 24 hours delivered over 12 weeks.

Further Info

EcoSensory is a nature-based therapy that supports participants regulation, mental and physical health. The online training will be a mixture of slides, videos, and activities, including a podcast you can take out in nature. You will be part of a cohort, however can go at your own pace, and will have a year to complete the training.



What course delegates are Saying

Very comprehensive + clinically in-depth course to differentiate senses and attachment issues, really interesting linking to neuroscience and emotional development. Great to also meet other therapists to share views and experiences rather than online.

Thank you for a truly fantastic weekend. I enjoyed the pace of day one which enabled connection with others and really experiencing and reflecting on some of the activities. 

The model is extremely well thought out and is beautifully presented, providing an inspirational and clear way of using the wonders of nature as a versatile therapeutic tool.

I really enjoyed the process of moving through the Growing Roots modules at home, and embedding them in my local area within my routines and learning in my home setting. I felt I learned a lot of new information about the value of nature-based therapies, and what I knew about sensory processing and attachment was shifted and applied in a new way within this model. I really liked the two ways the model is used; both in terms of planning and assessment, and the neuro-sequential element for analysis. From the learning opportunities, webinars and podcasts alone, I had already started to shift elements of both my practice and my thinking.