Our Assessments and Therapies

Our Guiding Principles

We believe the child should be at the heart of all the decisions we make both as a company and in therapy.

We believe in the importance of the child’s relationship with his or her family, as one that can make the biggest difference in the child’s life and which will endure into adulthood.

We believe that children are as diverse as the families and communities that they grow up in, and we seek to respect and value their cultures, identities and personal histories.

Our Approach

Our approach has been developed from the coming together of research in Sensory Integration (Ayres and Bhreathnach), Attachment (Ainsworth, Crittenden and Bowlby), Trauma (Perry and Levine) and Regulation (Stern and Porges) to expertly support young people, families, and professionals to understand why certain behaviours happen and how best to support them in managing them.

From the inside out

We are all sensory beings, understanding our own sensory profile and those around us will help us understand the choices we and others make.  We believe we need to start therapy with how we feel on the inside. We believe that to feel safe we need to feel heard and seen by the people around us. We believe that if we start with strengthening families, supporting safety, and regulation and emotional connection we will have the best outcomes for our clients.

Specialist Assessments

At Jump Start we provide assessments for various purposes, most importantly our assessments are designed to detail children and young people’s needs and recommend how best to support them. 

We use a wide range of assessments, both standardised and clinical observations. We are trained in the assessment of sensory processing, attachment, trauma, cognitive, motor skills.

We provide highly detailed expert assessments for tribunals, and for court.

Occupational Therapy

The Jump Start Centre started as an occupational therapy service and prides itself on providing the very best Paediatric occupational therapy assessments and treatment. At the core of occupational therapy is the belief that participating in life to the fullest will enable us to reach our full potential.

However, some young people, their physical, mental or emotional needs may limit their ability to participate, whether that is at school, playing with their friends, or connecting with their families. Occupational therapy can help by fun, engaging activities that support development.

Examples of how OTs can help young people are:

  • Developing fine motor skills so they can grasp and release toys and develop good handwriting or computer skills.
  • Improve eye-hand coordination so they can play and do needed school skills such as bat a ball and copy from a blackboard.
  • Master basic life skills such as bathing, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and self-feeding.
  • Learn positive behaviours and social skills by practising how they manage frustration and anger. 

Clinical Psychology

Individual Psychological Therapy provides a safe and compassionate supportive space to help children and families with the issues they are facing.  Clinical Psychologists support children and young people firstly by undertaking a comprehensive understanding of their presenting difficulties and desired goals.

Clinical Psychologists will share their assessment findings and in collaboration with children and families will develop a shared understanding (formulation) for present difficulties.

Using an integrative model of practice (multi-modal), Clinical Psychologists will select appropriate evidence-based therapies within Individual Psychological Therapy to best support the presenting needs and desired goals for therapy. 

Clinical Psychology practice follows a Neuro-Sequential Model of Therapeutics (Perry, 2006) and considers the Therapeutic Pyramid of Need (Golding, 2015), ensuring that how we offer help matches the child’s developmental and therapeutic needs. 

Specialist therapies

At Jump Start we are the specialist in a number of therapies. We train therapists so that they can the expertise to support children and families to the highest level.

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration is both a theory and a therapy. We all integrate information about the world and our bodies through our senses. Difficulties with processing this information can impact many areas, including how we move our bodies, connect with others, and maintain a regulated ‘Just Right State.’

At Jump Start have specialists in the assessment and treatment of Sensory Integration difficulties.

Sensory Attachment Intervention

Sensory Attachment Intervention is a specialist integrative approach developed by Eadaoin Bhreathnach to support the treatment of children and adults who have suffered early adverse life experiences, such as relational trauma, abuse or neglect. SAI recognises the need to target the need to first establish the regulation of arousal states, and then to facilitate modulation of the body senses through the just right combination of up regulating and down regulating experiences. This in turn enables higher level sensory, emotional and cognitive functioning.

Reflective Parenting

Parenting a child who has special needs or has experienced early developmental trauma can be challenging. Traditional parenting techniques often don’t work and parents can feel at a loss to know how best to support their child. Our reflective parenting support, helps support parents/guardians to understand why their child is behaving as they do, and provides practical advice on approaches and strategies.

EcoSensory therapy

EcoSensory Therapy is an innovative and pioneering nature-based therapy. This integrative treatment approach to support both the physical and mental health of participants by connecting with nature as a healing medium to regulate through the senses.

Safe and Sound program

Safe and Sound Program is a listening program especially designed and researched by Stephen Porges for supporting emotional regulation and auditory sensitivities.



What Parents are Saying

It’s been a very positive experience. Great communication and organisation. Hayley has been amazing with us and has helped our son immensely. It’s not been easy with covid restrictions in the mix but our sessions were adapted and actually it made no difference to the sessions which were all great fun and well thought out. I actually feel a bit sad that the sessions have come to an end as I really enjoyed the time spent with my son at Jumpstart!.”

The best Occupational Therapists I have experienced in 10 years. Amazing, caring therapists with an approach that really works for my son. I am very grateful to have found Jump Start.”

The staff really listen to your concerns and tailor treatment individually to your child’s needs. We had a fantastic experience.’