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Welcome to Jump Start Centre’s Paediatric primer for Occupational Therapists.

Paediatrics is becoming a more and more popular with Occupational Therapists as children with special needs are being acknowledged through Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) and under Disability Discrimination Laws. Whilst it is clear that the University course for Occupational Therapy is full of important content required to qualify as an occupational therapists, it does not explore any specialists areas such as paediatrics. Whilst the content you are taught throughout your degree is highly valuable and will be used on a daily basis throughout your career, it is not enough to enter a world of paediatrics feeling confident. A placement in paediatrics are not easy to come by and this can be a problem if you are hoping gain access in order to enter this area once qualified.

This course has been developed for Occupational Therapists who wish to join the specialty of Paediatrics, but need further education to develop their knowledge and understanding.