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Types of Assessment

Gold Standard Assessment

The Gold Standard Assessment is a two part assessment ( about 4 hours).  It is extremely thorough and comprehensive and will use the Sensory Integration Praxis Test (SIPT).   This assessment will be able to help identify underlying sensory processing difficulties.  The report will be substantial, with recommendations for home (and school if applicable), and can be used as part of the Education, Health and Care Plan. School or home observations can be added.

Tribunal Assessment and report

Reports can be commissioned for medico-legal services, especially for tribunals where there are concerns regarding sensory processing difficulties, and to assess occupational therapy need.  These reports are done to the highest standard and will include standardised assessment, norm referenced questionnaires and detailed observations in any setting. We can also attend tribunals as expert witnesses when necessary.

Full Assessment

A full assessment gives a comprehensive and thorough view of a child’s or adult’s needs. It it a 2-3 hour process using standardised assessment eg BOT-2, Sensory Profile, DASH.  The report will be a substantial document and will include recommendations for home (and school if applicable).  This report is detailed as can be used as part of an Education, Health and Care Plan.  This includes a follow up meeting or phone call to discuss the results of the assessment.

Core Assessment

A core assessment is a valuable resource to identify where a child or adults needs support. The assessment is short, lasting about 45 minutes, and using shortened version of standardised assessments such as Short Sensory Profile.  The report if requested will also be short, 1-2 pages.  This is useful for people who have already had an Occupational therapy assessment previously and would like to start therapy.


We aim to write thorough, expert reports, that really are the highest quality in the field.  Our reports can be used  to support a child’s Educational and Health Care Plan (EHCP) and LEA’s.

We can assist parents by helping them gain the right provision from the local authority.  We write expert reports that can be used for legal purposes in a tribunal setting.

What people say about us

Thank you for all your hard work with our son. We have been impressed with the skills, knowledge and professionalism at Jump Start. Our son definitely progressed, particularly with his fine motor skills whilst having therapy at your centre.