Support for Schools

Jump Start Occupational Therapy can support schools (mainstream, independent, specialist, primary, secondary, preschool) with a range of services, tailored to your school’s needs.

All of our therapists have full DBS certification and professional liability insurance, as well as receiving all necessary mandatory training.  We supply our staff with excellent supervision from an advanced Sensory Integration practitioner, team support and professional development training.

The therapist can fit seamlessly into the work environment of the school, having regular hours and following all the school’s policies and procedures.

We can offer high level training for staff, in a variety of areas such as Sensory Integration, handwriting skills.

Research underpins our practice. We use Ayers Fidelity tools and a range of Standardised tests, including the Gold Standard Sensory and Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT).

Our therapists work within their professional code of practice and ensure that they are familiar with recent research and guidelines informing practice.

Services for Mainstream Schools